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What is Play Therapy?


Play therapy is to children what counseling is to adults, and research shows that it is a powerful tool for addressing cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges. Play is essential to growth and development, and is a natural process that builds trust and mastery, regulates emotions, reduces anxieties, promotes creative thinking and problem solving, encourages self-expression, enhances communication, heals the spirit, and strengthens self-esteem. It is proven to be effective for healing, as children attach metaphorical and symbolic meaning to toys.  


·       Individual play therapy provides opportunities for children to use toys and play materials to communicate their wants, needs, experiences, and feelings in a safe and non-threatening setting. Toys are the words and the play is the language.

·       Family play therapy engages the caregivers in the treatment process and strengthens the parent-child relationship. The process can repair disrupted attachment, promote problem solving, increase understanding and acceptance, and reduce conflict.



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